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David Harwell, PhD, MBA


David Harwell, PhD
Chief Scientist, CEO & Founder
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For 18 years, Dr. Harwell has strengthened the scientific community as a dynamic, collaborative association leader working at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. His proven record of success includes award-winning, innovative programs that exceed member expectations.


A PhD chemist himself, Dr. Harwell leverages his understanding of the challenges within the workplaces of many scientific disciplines to create solutions that professional societies can readily facilitate. Whether engaging with academia or industry, with students or entrepreneurs or professionals, David makes the connection between scientist and professional society more valuable, resulting in a stronger association.


Harwell holds an Executive MBA as well as a doctorate, along with experience in streamlining operations and leveraging modest nonprofit budgets to the greatest impact.


A call to Consulting Science, LLC today will bring Dr. Harwell to your team to develop the initiatives that will further your success.


Dr. David Harwell develops scientific career workshops

Student and Early Career Scientist Conference attracting large response

David Harwell, PhD facilitates scientific collaboration

Dr. Harwell speaks with scientists, industry, and academia to further the interests of the scientific community and strengthen the professional association's importance in the community 

Dr. David Harwell produces education videos

Dr. Harwell produces permanent assets for the association, exemplified with the Lab Safety video produced for American Chemical Society's Career Services resource library

Photosafari Wildlife Biology
Glacier Climbing

Dr. Harwell travels the globe to collaborate with and deliver training to scientists. As shown here, his personal adventures lean scientific as well, whether on photosafari in Rwanda with a wildlife conservation team, clambering up glaciers in Iceland, or hiking the ancient terrace farms of the Philippines.

Ancient Phillippine Terrace Farms
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